Timber Ghost Stables

Dressage barn on the edge of Austin, Texas, offering boarding, training, and clinics. Timber Ghost is also developing a prominent name for itself as a breeder of elite warmblood sporthorses.

This project was all about capturing the fine lines and beauty of the dressage horse, an image recognized by this industry's clientele by certain telltale signs in a horse's image: a head perpendicular to the ground; alert, listening ears; a graceful, well-muscled neck; and braided (or, in this case, artistically-stylized) mane.

Keeping this design restricted to only one color other than white was important for practical application purposes, as this logo gets printed and embroidered onto many surfaces, many of them white, like saddle pads, blankets, and stall door covers - all with the goal of presenting a well turned out barn at dressage shows.