Ride for the Cure: Alida's Alliance

2011 Marcom Gold Award Winning Logo.

This was a particularly special project, undertaken at the request of a wonderful group of strong women who asked me to assist them in honoring their dear friend and family member, Alida Darlington, a lifelong horsewoman, who was fighting an extremely long battle with ovarian cancer. I had met Alida a handful of times over the years and it was my great privilege to play a small role in this event by contributing a team logo.

Like other Susan G. Komen Rally for the Cure events, this was an organized fundraiser meant to raise both public awareness and money in support of the cause. The rally was hosted by the Alamo Dressage Association and took place in Boerne, Texas. Far outstripping anyone's wildest expectations, the 5 equestrian teams raised over $20,000. True to her strong fighting spirit, Alida journeyed to the show and cheered on her team to the win. 

When designing this logo, I took particular care to ensure that I was creating an image that Alida's family would be proud to wear. In the end, I incorporated the colored ribbons (blue for ovarian cancer and pink for the widely recognized Komen brand), a classic and correct form of the dressage horse and rider, as well as the team name. I'm especially proud of this particular piece and know Alida's Alliance (and even Alida herself!) was, as well. Long after the t-shirts and hats and such were printed and worn for the Ride, the family contacted me; they wanted to turn the logo into necklace pendants that they could wear every day to honor their mother. 

Sadly, Alida Darlington passed away shortly after this event, leaving behind a wealth of friends and family members all touched by her presence.